Elizabeth, 46, Can’t Get A Creepy Sticky Tattoo On Her Face: ‘I Have Meetings Tomorrow’ | a stranger

Elizabeth, 46, Can't Get A Creepy Sticky Tattoo On Her Face: 'I Have Meetings Tomorrow' |  a stranger

A British woman laughs on her hand with an absolutely stunning sticky tattoo. No matter what Elizabeth Rose of North Somerset tried, she couldn’t remove the dreaded teeth and scars from her face. In the end, the rescue came from an unexpected source.

“Put a fake tattoo on your face and join Halloween. Everything is beautiful,” says Forty with the necessary pessimism in a video on TikTok. My seven year old granddaughter also got one. Suddenly my daughter calls and asks how to get rid of this stuff. It can’t be that hard, can it? “

The photo shows that wiping her face with a cotton swab clearly did not help. “I have damn meetings tomorrow.”

soaked in tips

Then the woman was buried in the tips. To test it all, she applied a new sticky tattoo to her face. Vodka, nail polish remover, olive oil, antibacterial gel …

She even took the brown packing tape out of the closet and was able to return her cheek piece by piece to its original condition. Who would have thought that? Thanks to me, you all now know how to solve this problem. You’re welcome, but I’ve earned my own bottle of vodka now.”

The original video has since been viewed more than 1.5 million times on TikTok. And they all thought it was funny. And it sounded, among other things, “If you had gone to the meeting with this image, all your proposals would have been approved at once.”

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