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This eleventh edition of the BENE Servicepark podcast took a little longer. Marco Schilmans explains why. Together with co-pilot Thierry Neuville, Martin Widye, we look back on the last WRC matches and look forward to 2022. Our first time, Bjorn Degandt researched the women who performed best in 2021, and we have the top 3 in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Tour of Europe course with BENE pilots in Germany – France – Switzerland and Greece. Who also became a champion in various cups and we discuss the Opel e-Rally Championship. Bjorn and Marko have once again selected Penny’s pilot (co-pilot) of the month. This time a full list of names; This time from the Netherlands, Timo van der Marel, Jim van den Heuvel, Bob de Jong and Mitchell van der Brink. From Belgium, Gilles Beckett and Grégoire Munster were nominated.

The eleventh edition of the BENE Servicepark Podcast is available online and can be listened to for free via Spotify, Google and Apple podcasts. Let us know what you think of the podcast via our Facebook page BENE Servicepark.

The next broadcast is scheduled for Friday, January 7, 2022.

Enjoy listening.

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