Ecuador’s president cuts fuel prices due to protests | Abroad

Ecuador's president cuts fuel prices due to protests |  Abroad

On Sunday, the Energy Department warned that oil production had already fallen by 50 percent from 520,000 barrels before the demonstrations began. If this situation continues, oil production will be suspended in less than 48 hours. Sabotage, occupation of oil fields and road closures prevent the transportation of equipment and diesel needed to continue production.”

Ecuador is struggling with high inflation, high unemployment and poverty that has risen sharply during the coronavirus pandemic. Since 2020, fuel prices have risen sharply, almost doubling in the case of diesel. Indigenous Ecuadoreans began the proceedings, but students, workers, and others also joined in time. One of the demands of Kony, an influential coalition of indigenous groups that called for the protest, was that the government lower fuel prices. Whether the 10 per cent announced by Laso is sufficient for Kunai is questionable.

Ecuador’s parliament is now debating whether to initiate impeachment proceedings for the president. So far, the opposition has not been able to find sufficient support for this.

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