Ecoalf Netherlands BV has declared bankruptcy

Ecoalf Netherlands BV has been declared bankrupt, according to court documents. An Amsterdam court declared the company bankrupt on Tuesday. Mrs. Marinella Vieira has been appointed Curator.

Curator Vieira informed by phone that she is still running an inventory at the company. She points out that this is indeed the Dutch entity of Ecoalf, but this appears to be the company’s store at first. The Spanish parent company of the sustainable clothing brand has emerged from bankruptcy.

Last December, the sustainable clothing brand opened its first store in the Netherlands at Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam. The shop address is also the address where the bankrupt bv is registered. The store was announced in Amsterdam as a flagship store by the brand last December and was intended to help the brand become known in the Netherlands. The brand is also sold in De Bijenkorf, among others.

Ecoalf Netherlands BV is bankrupt

Ecoalf aims to produce clothes made entirely of recycled materials with the same qualities as new clothes. With this approach, the brand hopes to make products attractive to fashion-conscious and environmentally conscious consumers. The brand slogan is “Because there is no planet B”. This logo is also very present on the brand’s blouses, jackets and shirts. The brand’s first complete range was released in 2013. In addition to clothing production, the company also produces fabrics and yarns from recycled materials.

The Spanish brand has a total of six stores: in Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

Photo: Ecoalf

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