EasyToys after turbulent curling tournament: ‘taking more into account other countries’ feelings’

De naam van EasyToys staat onder meer op de ijsvloer (Rechten: ANP / Vincent Jannink)

Broadcasters in Japan and the United States do not want to broadcast the tournament, because the EasyToys logo is embedded in the ice.

Athletes must be central

While EasyToys’ free Christmas publicity probably isn’t bad, the group says it was disappointed with all the hype. “It has to be about the sport and the athletes, not the sponsor,” spokeswoman Evertin Magermann told RTV Nord.

“We’re committed to accentuating sexuality in a fun way. If it always loses credibility when we become a sponsor of a team or an event, then at some point you also have to think about whether we’re doing a mission differently,” she says.

Pay more attention to foreign countries

This does not mean that the company will stop sponsoring international (sports) events: “Whether we are able to sponsor or not is the responsibility of the organizers, such as the sports federations,” says Magerman.

Last year, EasyToys also lost credibility when it wanted to sponsor FC Emmen. KNVB initially put an end to this, but later allowed jersey sponsorship.

“It is also appreciated in the Netherlands. We are an elegant company and we do it in an elegant way: we display our logo and leave it to the proposal. For us, this tournament in Leeuwarden was a kind of test to see how things go… located abroad. Perhaps we should consider Better feelings in other countries.”

The solution is waiting

Meanwhile, a frantic search for a solution is underway. In any case, it would be difficult to remove the emblem from the runways; It was placed under the ice at Leeuwarden. “The ice is carefully built by an ice maker,” says Magermann. “It takes about a week.”

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EasyToys is waiting for the solution. “Consultations are now underway mainly with TV channels in the countries where they are broadcast. The World Curling Federation (International Curling Federation, editor) is busy with this. We assume that a suitable solution will be found.”

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