Earthquakes and floods hit southern Iran | Currently

Earthquakes and floods hit southern Iran |  Currently

And southern Iran was hit by an earthquake and floods on Saturday. On Saturday, Iranian state media reported that at least 22 people were killed in floods in the southern Fars province. There were no reports of casualties from the two earthquakes that occurred on Saturday.

Heavy rains near the village of Sultan Shahbaz led to the flooding of the Rudbal Dam. 55 people have since been rescued, and at least one person is still missing. And the provincial governor declared Sunday, a day of mourning, according to what was reported by the official media.

On Saturday, two earthquakes occurred in Hormozgan province, also in southern Iran. An earthquake was also recorded at the beginning of July in the same province, resulting in five deaths and 49 injuries.

According to Iranian media, the earthquakes measured 5.7 and 5.8 on the Richter scale. The Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Institute said one of the earthquakes had a magnitude of 5.5. The epicenters of the earthquakes were 50 and 70 km northeast of the coastal city of Bandar Lengeh on the Persian Gulf.

According to the Iranian authorities, there were no reports of serious damage or injuries. However, it has already been decided to send several rescue teams to the affected area. The local head of the Red Crescent Relief Authority told Iranian state television that these are large areas.

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