Early Wednesday There are no trains around Amsterdam and Utrecht | right Now

Early Wednesday There are no trains around Amsterdam and Utrecht |  right Now

Due to FNV workers’ union measures, trains will not be able to operate in the Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Utrecht and Alkmaar districts until 8am on Wednesday. Trains will start at 08:00. Dutch Railways said on Tuesday that it is expected to take until 10 am before everything works normally.

Other areas may also be affected by the procedures. Work was also announced for the rest of the week; Saturday in principle for the whole country. Campaigns are taking place in every region in the early days, and the Dutch Railways company is looking for the situation from day to day.

FNV Spoort is campaigning from Wednesday 28 April to Saturday 1 May because it cannot reach an agreement with the railway company ProRail about new employee terms of employment. ProRail already announced on Monday that travelers could be victims of the campaigns.

Etihad will take action at various air traffic control centers between 06:00 and 08:00. “This means that there is no possible train traffic in these areas,” says Dutch Railways. “The train traffic can only start after 08:00 and that takes time.” Thus Amsterdam, Utrecht, Amersfoort and Alkmaar will be the first regions to be converted.

On Saturday, all train traffic will be closed due to the measures

In other regions, trains will operate “as far as possible according to the normal schedule”. During the rest of the week, the Dutch Railways company will provide a status update every day the following day. FNV Spoor invited members to hold business meetings between the hours of 6am and 8am on all days of the week, which resulted in the business coming to a standstill.

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That should ultimately lead to a nationwide 24-hour strike on Saturday.

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