Early organic green asparagus from Italy

Early organic green asparagus from Italy

The Italian Hotel Primo Asparago, part of Orto Veneto, will increase the area planted for greenhouse asparagus in 2021. The company is growing organic asparagus in the Veneto region and hopes to be able to attract more customers with more production. New factories in greenhouses will go into production this year, increasing yields by 40% compared to last year. In addition, we are working to increase the area of ​​land that contains asparagus, which means an increase of 30%, “says Director Lorenzo Morrow.

All asparagus are grown organically. The crops are marketed both in Italy and abroad. This concerns countries like Poland, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. “We are planning to start harvesting and delivering the first batches in Week 8,” says Morrow.

The first customers, mainly from Germany and Poland, have already placed orders. In Italy, asparagus is sold through wholesalers in the markets of Milan, Padua and Verona.

The gardening company Orto Veneto was created through the collaboration of a number of players in the sector. The early asparagus that has grown with respect for the environment is marketed and since 2020 they have an organic certification.

Asparagus is served as asparagus limbs and in combinations of varying size and weight guaranteed.

Asparagus is grown in heated greenhouses and the plants are irrigated with warm water from a clean renewable energy facility. This is called the neutral carbon circuit that heats the soil through an underground system. The temperature is around 18 degrees, which makes it possible to start harvesting high-quality asparagus as early as February.

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