Early elections in Northern Ireland prevented – Wel.nl

Early elections in Northern Ireland prevented - Wel.nl

LONDON (AP/RTR/AFP) – The British government believes that Northern Ireland should continue to try to cooperate politically, form a governing body, and thus avoid early elections. “There is still time,” said a spokesman for the new British prime minister, Rishi Sunak. If that is not possible by Friday at the latest, then new elections will be held.

Politics in Northern Ireland have been deadlocked over Brexit deals since February. The parties are unable to agree to form a regional government, the so-called “executive.” It fell because the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) did not agree with the trade agreements reached over Northern Ireland after Brexit.

The Sinak government hopes that the parties will meet again. “We are therefore calling on them to do so because the people of Northern Ireland deserve a fully functional, locally elected executive that can address the issues facing the community there,” the spokesperson said.

wedge between the ends

The DUP believes that Brexit deals are bad for the situation with the UK. The party wants to fix it or even abolish it completely. This topic also creates a divide between parties that believe that Northern Ireland should remain part of the United Kingdom, such as the Democratic Unionist Party, and parties that believe that the country should belong to Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is still part of the European Union.

If a solution to the impasse is not found by October 28, new elections must be held in accordance with the law. Northern Ireland is one of the four countries called the United Kingdom. The others are England, Scotland and Wales.

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