Eagles vs. Bengals are inactive: Fletcher Cox is active, and Galen Horts is # 2 QB again

Eagles vs. Bengals are inactive: Fletcher Cox is active, and Galen Horts is # 2 QB again

The Philadelphia Eagles have officially announced their inactivity list for their 2020 NFL Week 3 match against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The next seven the Eagles Players were sentenced to be inactive: Shawn Geoffrey, Galen Regor, Rudi Ford, Nate Sudfield, Jason Huntley, Jamon BrownAnd and Casey Tohill.

The big news is that Fletcher Cox is active despite being questionable on his final injury report. To determine how much he will play and how effective he will be after experiencing severe pain after being harmed last week.

Jeffrey, Rigor and Ford were all excluded in the final injury report. The number of Eagles has been reduced to five spacious health receivers: DeSean Jackson, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Greg Ward, John Hightower, and Deontay Burnett. But something might be wrong with JJAW?

Jalen Hurts is the # 2 midfielder again with Sudfeld the healthy scratcher.

Huntley was active for the first week but has not been since.

The Eagles may not trust Brown to play yet as he only joined the team 12 days ago. The Eagles are expected to start Nate Herbig in the left guard and Matt Pryor in the right guard. Jack Driscoll and Sua Opeta are back-up interior options.

Toohill is a healthy scratch after he woke up last week. This means Genard Avery is back as the fourth defensive finish. I have to justify that bad trade!

Deontay Burnett and unmade unmade agent Grayland Arnold are active for the first time this season after being promoted from the coaching squad.

Philadelphia Eagles Inactive List

WR Alshon Jeffery – the injury.

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WR Jalen Reagor – injury.

S. Rudi Ford – injury.

QB Nate Sudfeld – Third Midfielder.

RB Jason Huntley – Fourth backward contestant.

OG Jamon Brown – backup guard.

De Casey Tohil – Fifth defensive finish.

Bingals’ defensive intervention activated Mike Daniels after it was listed as questionable in Sensei’s final injury report. John Ross’ fast wide receiver is a surprising healthy scratch.

John Ross

HB Trayveon Williams

DT GNU Atkins

DT Andrew Brown

LB Marcus Bailey

Austin K Seibert

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