E.on wants to build 2,000 fast charging stations of up to 400 kW in Europe by 2024

E.on wants to build 2,000 fast charging stations of up to 400 kW in Europe by 2024

Energy provider E.on plans to set up 2,000 ultra-high-speed charging points across Europe by the end of 2024. They will be provided by alpitronic, the manufacturer of the charging station in South Tyrol, as part of a strategic partnership.

Expansion of existing locations and construction of new public and commercial terminals for E.on customers are planned to enable the charging of fleets of passenger cars, trucks and heavy commercial vehicles.

Fast charging stations from the manufacturer Alpitronic will be installed with outputs ranging from 150 to 300 kW. Depending on the charging capacity of the electric vehicle, the electricity can be charged for a range of up to 100 kilometers in five minutes at best

E.on also wants to have a high-power HYC400 charger with a maximum output of 400 kW and a HYC50 wall charger installed. According to E-on, both Alpitronic devices with an efficiency of 97 percent reduce charge losses to about half of what is usual.

With Alpitronic, E.on wants to work on “smart integration of charging infrastructure into the power grid” and “further optimization of operations.” So they want to work together to “promote innovative smart charging solutions”. It should also be about improving load management in relation to the time-varying electricity tariff.

Partners also enjoy improved connectivity between the vehicle, the fast charging station and the billing system as well as Plug & Charge in the programme. Charging solutions will be developed to charge megawatts of heavy commercial vehicles at the same time. To this end, the first pilot sites with state-of-the-art fast charging infrastructure for trucks are scheduled to be established in several locations in Europe by 2024 in order to be able to gain experience in electric commercial vehicles.

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E.ON Drive now offers its customers around 160,000 public charging points in Germany and other European countries. By 2026, E.ON intends to create a total of about 5,000 new owned fast charging points.


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