Dutch figure skaters snatch medal, viewers are disappointed

Dutch figure skaters snatch medal, viewers are disappointed

The Dutch figure skaters took home a medal in the team’s quest today, as well as a medal. The United States was very strong in the consolation final. The Americans took the bronze. Feedback on the Dutch men’s performance is particularly disappointing: “There is no real team”.

In the quarter-finals of the Beijing Olympics, the men took fourth place earlier. After losing to the Norwegians in the semi-finals this morning, the gold medal was out of sight. This was indeed very disappointing by Dutch standards. Later in the morning, Sven Kramer, Patrick Roest and Marcel Busker had a chance to regain their honor somewhat. By defeating the United States and standing on the podium with a bronze medal. An error has occurred.

really lost

The US started the final consolation game much faster than TeamNL. After that, the Dutch never got close. Kramer, Rust, and Busker simply did not intervene.

Viewers’ reactions were mainly about the men’s cooperation. “Maybe next time it will be easier if we actually have a ‘team’ to go after the team.” There will also be a lot of different team interests. “Let’s cherish the many individual medals.”

No medal for Kramer

Sven Kramer is one of the greatest skaters the Netherlands has ever produced. He won a total of four gold, one silver and three bronze Olympic medals. Today he failed to add a medal to her.

However, Sven Kramer did not survive on social media: “What a disappointment to take Sven Kramer to the Olympics, shame on you.” For Sven Kramer, this is his last Olympics. He has another chance to get a medal, at the start of next week’s collegiate.

There is a lot of talk about substitutions within the team. Everyone has their own opinion about who should start the matches. “We should have sent Glenys Grace to the Olympics, he has a lot of experience with chasing,” one of them joked.

Figure skating star Melissa Birkkamp (17) was surprised by the performance: ‘And this is from flat Holland’

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Dutch figure skaters snatch medal, viewers are disappointed

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