Dumoulin’s teammates are not surprised and the fans are sorry | 1 Limburg

Dumoulin's teammates are not surprised and the fans are sorry |  1 Limburg

Teammates Jos van Emden and Quinn Bowman were not surprised by Tom Dumoulin’s call to stop cycling at the end of the season.

They were already aware that their Maastricht teammate would suspend the bike at the end of the season.

Together at the Giro d’Italia
During the last Giro d’Italia, van Emden and Bowman briefly witnessed the struggle at Tom Dumoulin. “When you’re a great champ, doing a little less immediately feels like a failure. I can imagine he has a bad feeling about that,” says Jos van Emden.

proud of Tom
The people of Maastricht are very sorry that their famous compatriot will not have a number on his jersey after this season. A spectator at RSM-Wealerronde sums it up succinctly: “If we had someone at the top at last, it would have already ended so quickly.”

Despite declaring this to be the final season of his cycling career, Dumoulin still had sporting goals. Together with the team, he wants to consider the continuation of the season. The last successful chord of his career may be the world championships in Australia. In the time trial, the part where he became world champion in 2017, he wants to burn again.

Watch highlights from Tom Dumoulin’s career below:

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