Dukurs, Bos on the way to the Olympics fast

Dukurs, Bos on the way to the Olympics fast

He finished with five slides selected as part of the US Olympic skeleton team that competed at the 2006 Torino Games.

Four of them are retired. Chris Sully stopped slipping after those Olympics. Kevin Ellis retired in 2009. Zach Lund and Eric Bernotas last raced in 2010.

The other is Katie Olander.

More than a decade after all of her Torino bobsled teammates were suspended, it’s still going – it looks like the final finish line is in sight. Uhlaender is in a position to compete in her fifth, she says final, Olympiad.

“I’ve worked hard for the past four years and sacrificed everything to follow the Beijing Olympics,” Hollander said. “I have devoted most of my life to winning an Olympic medal in the skeleton.”

She was the first female skeleton athlete to compete in four Olympics when she was part of the Pyeongchang Games in 2018 – so if you start racing at these games in Beijing, of course, she will be the first five as well.

And Ohlender might not be the favorite to win the medal, but it’s certainly not far-fetched to believe she can rise to the podium. Uhlaender is one of 11 women who have secured at least four places in the top 10 at the World Cup races this season.

However, the gold candidates are clear: Dutchman Kimberly Boss and Latvia Martins Ducours were the overall winners of the Women’s and Men’s World Cups, which means they would be the top choice for a grand prix if you go to the Beijing Olympics.

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“The Olympics are a very different competition,” Boss said. “The story that past results don’t guarantee the future is certainly true in our sport. It’s a completely different job in Beijing. But I’m in great shape, I’m really looking forward to it and we’ve dealt with it together as a team.”

She won her first World Cup title this season. Dukurs finished 11th – but has yet to win an Olympic gold medal. He doesn’t think the World Cup crown guarantees him anything in the Olympics.

“This is a new competition,” Dukurs said. “Very fun track, really cool…a completely different race.”

Sports explained

The skeleton slides upside down down the track, often reaching speeds of over 80 mph (129 km/h). Athletes typically start with one hand on their skis as they run back and forth, then jump overboard on the track. The better the starting time, the greater the momentum and speed in the first few laps. A good start isn’t necessary, but it certainly helps.

men’s race

Six different men have won the world championship gold this season, but one family has dominated in the past four races. Martins Dukurs had all three of his wins during that time, and the other went to his brother, Tomass Dukurs. Germany’s Axel Jungk and Christopher Grother compete for medals. They are ranked second and third, respectively, in the World Cup standings.

Ladies race

The last race at the World Cup featured skaters from nine countries in the top nine, which certainly indicates that many countries will go to the Beijing Olympics believing they have legitimate hopes of winning a medal. Boss and Elena Nikitina – who is from Russia but is technically unable to race under her country’s flag at these Games due to sanctions imposed on the Russians – Germany’s Tina Hermann was the two-time winner this season. Austrian Janine Flock will also be a popular medal choice, and Italian newcomer Valentina Margaleo has been a pole vaulter four times in seven World Cup finals this season.

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John Daly of the United States ended his bid to return to what could have been his fourth Olympics earlier this winter. It will be his third, and possibly last, retirement.

Daly – one of the greatest American figure skaters of all time – did not receive his Olympic medal. And while he wanted to be famous for his hair and hair care tips in a sport where athletes wear helmets, Dali should have better remembered how he dealt with a disaster at the Sochi Games, where he missed in the fourth and final round of the . costs. . He has a medal for his hopes.

American battles

In all respects, this four-year Olympic cycle was a huge disappointment for the United States. The Americans won two World Cup medals in those four years, both women’s bronze. America’s best performance of the season in a World Cup race was Austin Florian’s 18th place finish at St Moritz. He did not make the Olympic team. The only American men’s spot went to Andrew Placer.


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