Dua Lipa becomes ambassador for the homeland of Kosovo – Wel.nl

Dua Lipa becomes ambassador for the homeland of Kosovo - Wel.nl

Dua Lipa became an ambassador for Kosovo, the home of her parents. Fjoza Osmani, the country’s president recognized by about half of all countries, praised the singer for her status as “a role model for many girls and women in the world”.

Dua Lipa posted on Instagram a photo with the president and a printout of the speech in which the president praises and thanks the singer. “It is an honor and a privilege to represent my country around the world and to see that we can change something,” wrote the 26-year-old Lipa. Her parents are Albanians and fled Kosovo in the 1990s.

The photos show how Lipa was awarded a special medal. “In addition to your musical talent, you have done so much for the people of Kosovo. Your way of bringing attention to Kosovo is unparalleled and invaluable.”

Kosovo was for a long time part of Yugoslavia and later Serbia, but in 2008 Kosovo declared itself independent. Countries such as the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom have recognized this independence, but not all countries have yet. “Young people in Kosovo deserve to be able to travel freely, obtain a visa and dream big,” Lipa concluded.

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