Drunk Giuliani advises Trump to declare his election victory

Drunk Giuliani advises Trump to declare his election victory

William Barr (center), the Trump-era attorney general, makes his statement via video link to the Parliamentary Committee investigating the Capitol Storm.ANP/EPA photo

It wasn’t fun for former President Donald Trump to watch the second session of the House of Representatives committee investigating the storming of the Capitol. This time, it was his legal and political advisors, the people who supported him through thick and thin, who said Trump’s allegations of voter fraud were false. Because they never believed, and found no evidence, they told Trump so many times — and that Trump continues to insist on the lie that many Americans now believe.

Monday’s hearing in Washington, D.C. basically hung an image of a president who was never interested in facts, and who wanted to remain president at all costs. Trump confidant and former lawyer Rudy Giuliani played a leading role. Witnesses say that on election night, Giuliani suggested to Trump, clearly intoxicated, to declare victory, although the counting of votes continued.

The Committee explained how this idea later gained traction. One theory after another has been thrown into the world from the Trump camp. Trump claimed that a “suspicious bag” containing fake ballot papers had appeared somewhere. That a truck was going to transport Biden’s ballot papers to Pennsylvania. That 8000 deceased voters in Philadelphia had cast their ballots.

In video testimony, William Barr, Trump’s attorney general, outright dismissed the allegations, saying… ‘Bullshit‘ And the ‘crazy things† If he really believes in this, Barr said of Trump, he is divorced from reality.

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Ordinary team, crazy team

The hearing was adjourned 45 minutes at the last minute, after witness William Stebbin, a former Trump campaign manager, withdrew because his wife was in labour. Instead of making a direct statement, video footage of Steppin’s testimony was shown to investigators. In it, he stated that he had advised Trump on election night that he could not declare victory until all the ballot papers had been taken. However, according to a survey, Trump preferred to listen to allies who supported conspiracy theories. Two groups appeared: “Team Normal” by Stebbin and “Team Crazy” led by Rudy Giuliani.

The commission showed how much pressure the Trump camp had to come to terms with his lies. Politicians who refused to do so were placed in the gaps. Witness Al Schmidt, the only Republican on the Philadelphia Electoral Council, said how he became a target of attacks after defending Joe Biden’s legitimate gains.

Raised $250 Million

A notable feature of the second hearing was the money Trump raised with all his false pretenses. Trump bombarded his supporters with emails asking for financial support to combat “election fraud.” In doing so, he has raised $250 million in a special fund that comes from American voters who believed in his story.

Trump, who has always denied wrongdoing, calls the parliamentary commission’s investigation a “political witch hunt.” Conservative Fox News was the only station that did not broadcast the first session Thursday night, which was watched by nearly 20 million Americans. The third session will be held on Wednesday. The total number is expected to be six to eight.

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