Drivers take Netflix’s creative editing for granted: ‘Show to sell sports’

Drivers take Netflix's creative editing for granted: 'Show to sell sports'

There is no Max Verstappen in the new season of the Netflix series campaign to survive Therefore, the Dutch do not agree with the creative freedom that suits its makers. The other drivers didn’t rally exactly behind their teammate today.

Max Verstappen in an interview with the AP this week criticized producers who, in his opinion, bring too many of their own touches to the final product. “I understand this must be done to boost popularity in America (…) but they have rigged competitions that do not exist at all.” So Verstappen keeps his lips taut when the Drive to Survive crew is on hand with the now infamous fishing rod mic. “I have decided not to participate anymore and not to be interviewed.”

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You don’t bite the hand that feeds you, it’s a proverb that often applies to Formula 1, to any world sport. Drivers pay such attention and also become larger / larger during the series. Daniel Ricciardo managed to benefit from campaign to survive His words were more active. Something that would also undoubtedly be due to the fact that the Australian has been in touch with Netflix at least in the early seasons and has also had an ‘own’ episode every year.

“We’ve all experienced the impact you’ve had on the sport, you’ve really grown here in the States. In Europe maybe a little less, but you also grew up there with Formula 1”, said Ricciardo. “Of course sometimes you want some space and privacy and then you can tell them that. It worked for me, I think Max and I have a different relationship with them,” the Australian concluded with a smile.

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“Great respect for what Netflix has done”
Verstappen’s current teammate Sergio Perez particularly praised the success and impact the series has had in the United States. The theater that Verstappen is talking about takes the bargain. “What Drive to Survive has done for this sport is great and that’s something I really respect. At first I didn’t like it that much, I didn’t think it was that important. And yes, they make drama but that’s how they sell the sport. It’s a show, in the end it’s good for Formula 1 and the masses.”

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Esteban Ocon receives Netflix with open arms, and has previously stated that the streaming service could have played a role in his appointment at Renault and now Alpine. It was also closely watched this year during the French Grand Prix and of course no bad word came out about Netflix today. “It’s a huge difference from before, Drive to Survive gives the viewer exclusive access. There is a larger general audience that doesn’t know much about Formula One and they are being drawn in now.”

“Maybe he reminded them of robotics, it was a sport that repeats itself. But they didn’t see the characters, I think it’s great to see it now. Netflix has done a lot for my career, I didn’t have a seat and people could see how desperate I was. It really helped my career. “.

Looking forward to your reply
It’s not much, but Kimi Raikkonen also has his thoughts on Drive to Survive. “I haven’t watched it to be honest. But I often hear that the necessary tension is added to make it more beautiful. The question is whether it is a good thing.”

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In Russia, home contestant Nikita Mazepin was followed by the TV crew, showed his best and of course had only positive things to say. “I think it’s a good show, I’m going to make my debut this year. I’m very curious to see what it was like and the response. People sometimes forget that there are people behind the helmet. I acted as natural as possible, we went to my old house and university. It was fun working with them” .

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