Drivers discuss idea of ​​’information loopholes’ after Japan GP . rainfall shortened

Drivers discuss idea of ​​'information loopholes' after Japan GP . rainfall shortened

Formula 1 drivers plan to discuss the idea of ​​’information holes’ in the US after the Japanese Grand Prix was cut short by rain, according to reports.

The Japanese Grand Prix started on its original time, but after chaos on the opening lap and visibility deteriorated due to increased rain, the race was halted. Race officials announced after a break that the restart would take place, but that was also postponed.

The result: After two hours of waiting, the race went on, with only enough time to complete forty minutes of laps on a still wet Suzuka. That could be better, the drivers really ruled during that break. For example, Lewis Hamilton called on race directors to send drivers to the track, so they could judge if it was safe enough.

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This is exactly what the drivers want to discuss with the FIA The idea of ​​”information holes” is that drivers, whether they are in a safety car or not, get out on track to complete a few laps to judge whether or not it is safe enough to resume the race.

Drivers Syndicate President Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA), Alexander Wurz, stated that these so-called information rounds are an added value to Formula 1. “The race director should have the option of what I call information rounds,” Wurz said. “If the teams agree to this measure, he can say he’ll get the cars back on track in ten minutes, just like the pre-race survey laps.”

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“On this lap, the drivers can feel the conditions,” Würz continues. We can then get twenty opinions out of twenty drivers who put their lives on the line. Then the FIA ​​can make a more informed decision.”

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