Drive to Survive campaign contributes to Formula 1’s popularity

Drive to Survive campaign contributes to Formula 1's popularity

Partly because of the series campaign to survive On Netflix, Formula 1 is becoming more and more popular around the world. This is Stefano Domenicali, Formula 1 Director† Formula 1 is gaining more fans, especially in the United States. So Domenicali hopes for a long-term collaboration with Netflix.

From the popular series campaign to survive It is currently on Netflix for three seasons. The series has already attracted more sports fans, but Domenicali is confident that it will attract more fans in the future. Also remarkable is the “renewal” of the sport. Since Netflix is ​​a well-known streaming service for young and old, this sport is also popular among youngsters. The series is an asset to both Formula 1 and Netflix. The series has already taken first place in the world rankings in 27 countries.

United States of America

In the US, Formula 1 has seen a massive growth in popularity thanks to the Netflix series. Americans were primarily familiar with motorsports like NASCAR and the IndyCar Series, but that has definitely changed in recent years. However, Formula 1 has been driven in the US for decades. As of 2012, this will take place in Austin, Texas.

March 11

The fourth season of the series will be available on Netflix starting March 11th. This includes the title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton and McLaren’s podium at Monza.

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