Dream Team Basketball Players Seek: ‘But I Still Put My Money On Them’

Dream Team Basketball Players Seek: 'But I Still Put My Money On Them'

Hammink points to the fact that American players do not often play together on a team and that FIBA ​​rules apply during the Olympic tournament. The rules are fundamentally different from the rules in the NBA.

In the NBA, for example, a move can be made before dribbling, but according to FIBA ​​rules, this is a running bug. The player must dribble first or the ball must touch the ground at the same time as the move.

It is also forbidden in the NBA to stand in the “paint” (the colored area between the ring and the free-throw line) for more than three seconds, while FIBA ​​allows you an unlimited number of temporary accommodations there.

Because rules are so ingrained, Hammink says breaking habits takes time. It is true that a number of American opponents also have NBA players and therefore have to adapt.

Fun and exciting tournament

According to Hammink, the strengthening of the international stadium will ensure a fun and exciting tournament. The former Golden State Warriors position anticipates, among others, plenty from the big four European basketball nations — Germany, France, Italy and Spain — and Australia and Argentina. We should not expect the same scenes as in 1992 in Barcelona.”

It was the first Olympic Games where NBA players were allowed to compete. With an impressive display of strength, gold has been won with players like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.

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