Draw the first round of the Gold Cup and Silver Cup

Draw the first round of the Gold Cup and Silver Cup

With the beginning of the hockey competition, the hockey cup game begins all over again. The draws for the first round of the Gold Cup and Silver Cup were held at the KNHB National Office in Utrecht on Wednesday. The Women’s Gold Cup starts on Thursday 22nd September and the Women’s Silver Cup begins on Friday 16th September. Round 1 of the Men’s Gold Cup on Thursday, September 15th and the Men’s Silver Cup on Friday, September 23rd.

A total of 425 teams were registered for the cup competition. In this edition of the Gold Cup, a battle between teams from the Big League, promotion category and transitional category, 51 teams participate in the women’s and 49 teams in the men’s. In the Silver Cup, a battle between record teams from other categories, 167 women’s teams and 158 men’s teams were registered.

The format of the cup tournaments is the same as last season. This means that the higher playing teams will enter the cup tournament later. The four finalists who reached the Silver Cup semi-finals for the 2021-2022 season will begin their Gold Cup adventure. For the women, GHBS Silver Cup winners, final runners-up Delta Venlo, HOD and Nieuwegein. For the men, these are winner Houten, finalist Eindhoven, US, and DSHC.

silver cup

Watch the Women’s and Men’s Silver Cup first round draw below. The women’s matches will be held on Friday, September 16th. The men will play on Friday, September 23rd. All matches start at 8:30pm.

Women’s first round draw

Western Region
Hoeksche Warard D1 – Scoop Delft D1
Capel D1 – Crimping D1
Walcheren D1 – Voorhout D1
Olympia D1 – Feijenoord D1
Waddinxveen D1 – Souburgh D1
Central Region
Exterior wood D1 – Rijnvliet D1
Frogs D1 – Midrecht D1
Nijkerk D1 – Lelystad D1
Saxenburg D1 – UNO D1
Crows D1 – Woerden D1
Nonspet D1 – Thorn D1
Southern area
Berlecom D1 – Prinsenpick D1
Teteringen D1 – Tempo D1
DDHC D1 – Gels Region D1
Culemborg D1 – Phlegmin D1
Nuth D1 – Eersel D1
Mierlo D1 – Deurne D1
Northeast region
HCHN D1 – Dash D1
Hoogeveen D1 – Drienerlo D1
Maple D1 – HVA D1
Sneek D1 – Rodin D1
Overbetuwe D1 – Doetinchem D1
Animals D1 – Druten D1
Hardenberg D1 – Hatem D1

Houten Men’s 2022 Silver Cup Winners. Photo: Coen Swik

Men’s first round draw

Western Region
Alkemade H1 – Waddinxveen H1
Bleiswijk H1 – Souburgh H1
Irrigation Field H1 – Voorhout H1
Crimping H1 – Spijkenisse H1
Central Region
Zewolde H1 – Midrecht H1
Lelystad H1 – Saxenburg H1
IJburg H1 – Eem Valley H1
UNO H1 – Phenine H1
DDHC H1 – Wood Exterior H1
Southern area
Nuth H1 – Deurne H1
Eersel H1 – Vlijmen H1
Teteringen H1 – Zevenbergen H1
Nova H1 – Merlo H1
Giles Regen H1 – Dommel H1
Northeast region
HVA H1 – Steenwijk H1
Doetinchem H1 – Spitsbergen H1
Animals H1 – PW H1
Overbetuwe H1 – Druten H1

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gold cup

Watch the first-round draw for the Women’s and Men’s Gold Cup below. The ladies play on Thursday, September 22nd. The men will play on Thursday, September 15th. All matches start at 8:30pm.

Den Bosch wins the 2022 Gold Cup at the expense of SCHC (2-1). Photo: William Vernes

Women’s first round draw

Western Region
D1 Cartridge – Ring Pass Delft D1
Mira D1 – HUDITO D1
Leiden D1 – Victoria D1
Schiedam D1 – Leonidas D1
AMVJ D1 – HIC D1.0
Central Region
Dogs D1 – Elmer D1
Red and White D1 – Xenios D1
Schaerweijde D1 – HBS D1
Gooische D1 – Before D1
Houses D1 – Laren D1
Southern area
PSV Eindhoven D1 – Breda D1
Delta Venlo D1 – Oss D1
HOD D1 – Press D1
Nieuwegein D1 – Were Di D1
MOP D1 – Helmond D1
Northeast region
Wageningen D1 – Groningen D1
Zwolle D1 – Nijmegen D1
GHBS D1 – Bully D1
Eddie D1 – Union D1

Party in Little Switzerland after winning the Gold Cup over HDM (2-3). Photo: William Vernes

Men’s first round draw

Western Region
DSHC H1- Ring Pass Delft H1
H1 Leiden – Leonidas H1
Zoetermeer H1- H1 . Cartridge
Zenius H1- Hurley H1
Berkel-Rodenrijs H1- Victoria H1
Alvin H1- HIC H1
Central Region
Hilversum H1- Larin H1
Red and White H1- Qui Vive H1
H1 Heron- H1 Houses
Naarden H1 – Elmer H1
Gooische H1- HBS H1
Southern area
Eindhoven H1 – Phoenix H1
Wooden H1- HCAS H1
Pay H1- Tilburg H1
Breda H1- Were Di H1
Northeast region
GCHC H1- Union H1
Oss H1 – Zwolle H1
Groningen H1 – Nijmegen H1

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