Dr. Meg Bacon started her career at the Dutch Veterinary Hospital

Dr.  Meg Bacon started her career at the Dutch Veterinary Hospital

Arthur de Vitalisand the Dutch. Dr. Meg Bacon recently started working as an assistant at the Dutch Veterinary Hospital. As a veterinarian, I have worked in the Pick-to-Peak and Greater Colorado area for over 10 years.

“I am really excited to come to the Ned Vet because I do all the GP workouts that I love to do,” she said. “I also do ambulatory chiropractic for both large and small animals. Definitely here and able to provide services here in the Netherlands.”

She lives in Boulder County in the Gunbarrel District. Bacon travels to different parts of the state to provide chiropractic care for the animal, such as alterations and other procedures that benefit the musculoskeletal system. She visits other clinics and provides maintenance care, having recently gone to Fraser Colorado to see a case of a horse that needed a chiropractic adjustment for medical reasons.

“I have been in Colorado for over a decade for school and also for sports,” Bacon said. I worked as a licensed veterinary technician for about six years before joining veterinary medicine and earning higher degrees. I have a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science and a Master of Science in Biomedical Science focusing on Reproductive Physiology, PhD in Veterinary Medicine and then additional certifications for practicing fear free equine practices [and] Chiropractic for animals for large and small animals. ”

Her experience and education set her apart from others in the veterinary crowd. I worked in a mixed country practice on West Slope. She practiced outpatient, mixed veterinary and exclusive equine medicine with frontal tape. Bacon also spent time doing emergency medicine for small animals at the school. As a veterinarian, I’ve worked with horses, cattle, sheep, and other large animals on mobile and indoor work.

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“I also feel comfortable as a primary care physician, exercising young animals using fear-free veterinary methods,” she said.

Bacon is originally from Michigan but moved to Connecticut for high school. Then I went to Colorado.

“I just never left the state. I’ve traveled to multiple areas to live and work. I’ve been in the state since 2005,” she laughed. She says she has good relationships in the Ned area, her family lives in Boulder County and her husband’s relationships are in Gilpin County. Before she started working in the area, she traveled around town and visited several times.

She mentioned some stories of working on exotic species while visiting Colorado. She spoke about clients who had belly pigs and indicated the care and medication needed for the animals.

“In practice, they need regular attention every two weeks to trim their feet and teeth. They are noisy, some are very social and they are very intelligent. There is often feed management [in plans] Bacon said. “They are some of the most interesting. Some owners take them along Cheerios Road. Other people come because they are so huge. Sometimes they weigh over 200 pounds.”

Currently, the Dutch Veterinary Hospital does not provide care for pot-bellied pigs. Bacon animal chiropractic is approved by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA). She is in the office at the Ned Vet Wednesday through Friday. She can also provide chiropractic care outside of the usual veterinary work in a hospital.

For more information, email [email protected], visit http://www.nedvet.com/, or call the Animal Care Hospital at 303-258-7355.

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