Dozens of travelers got stuck in the Eurotunnel for hours

Dozens of travelers got stuck in the Eurotunnel for hours

Due to a technical fault in a train, dozens of passengers were trapped for hours on Tuesday evening in the Eurotunnel tunnel between France and the United Kingdom. Pictures posted on social media show passengers stuck in the service tunnel walking with their bags, and attendees tell their story on the BBC.

Passengers were on the train between Calais in France and Folkestone in Britain when it suddenly stopped. Dozens of people on board were evacuated and led into a service tunnel. From there, after hours of waiting for the train, they were taken to Folkestone.

“The service tunnel was terrible,” Sarah Fellowes, 37, of Birmingham, told the Palestinian News Agency. “It was like a disaster movie. You just got into the dark and didn’t know what was going to happen. We all had to wait under the sea in a long line. One of the women was crying, the other was having a panic attack.

Le Shuttle, the train that transports vehicles through the Eurotunnel, initially said on Twitter that the train was malfunctioning, but later added to the BBC that there was in fact no train, but alarms going off meant an investigation was underway.

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