Dozens of children of Ukrainian surrogate mothers are trapped in a shelter in Kyiv

Dozens of children of Ukrainian surrogate mothers are trapped in a shelter in Kyiv

Hundreds of couples are expecting their baby in the UK. Sam Everingham, owner of the Growing Families Foundation, He tries to evacuate the children.

difficult process

Everingham currently travels back and forth between the UK, Poland and Georgia. In recent weeks, he has managed to get a number of newborns out of Ukraine, but it is a very difficult process, he said.

“We are trying to get children from shelters and hospitals to border areas so their new parents can pick them up, but birth certificates and travel documents are required. The certification office is closed.”

He says surrogates often don’t want or can’t travel on their own. “They want to stay with their families or are physically unable to make a long trip. That’s why we try to find nurses who can take newborns to the border. We try to arrange ambulances, but that’s also very difficult in a mess.”

Diapers and baby food are running out

Everingham helps expectant mothers around the world who are trying to contact surrogates in Ukrainian shelters. It helps parents from European countries, but also from Canada and Australia, for example.

His main concern is that bombings are increasing, making safe places now a rarity. In addition, he is very worried about children who are not picked up because their parents will decide to abandon them.

Meanwhile, nappies are running out in air-raid shelters. There is a shortage of baby food, Everingham says. Caregivers are also very tired, and children need attention day and night. “Critical resources are scarce. We are trying to work with governments and other NGOs to get newborns to safety as quickly as possible.”

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