Don’t believe those rumours. It has nothing to do with that.”

Don't believe those rumours.  It has nothing to do with that."

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Shortly after the US Grand Prix, it became apparent that the deal between Sauber and Andretti Sports had been scrapped. Michael Andretti denies rumors that he broke up due to financial reasons and tells us how it went.

Andretti denies

The rumor Andretti vehemently denies is a story that the deal with Andretti, who would buy a majority of Sauber’s shares, fell apart because Andretti Sports refused to agree to Finn Rausing’s extravagant five-year deal. He quotes Americans’ reaction to the rumor: “I want to put an end to the rumors that the deal failed for financial reasons. This is absolutely not true and has nothing to do with it.”

Why didn’t the Sauber-Andretti deal happen?

So what was the reason for canceling this deal? Andretti Sports was looking for a majority stake in the Sauber Group. With that said, the operation of the entire F1 team has become an important part of the discussion.

“It basically came down to management issues at the end of the negotiations. This prevented the transaction from being completed. I’ve always said that if the deal isn’t right, we don’t. In the end it didn’t go well.”

Andretti concludes with one last fierce message: “I’ve said it before, ‘Don’t believe those rumors about it. It has nothing to do with money or anything like that.”

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