Donald Trump’s latest news: China accused of an assassination attempt after Trump was infected with Covid | The world | News

Donald Trump's latest news: China accused of an assassination attempt after Trump was infected with Covid |  The world |  News

Donald Trump announced that First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the Coronavirus on Friday, sparking a number of conspiracy theories. Diana Lauren, a former congressional candidate, wrote a number of theories on Twitter indicating that the president’s diagnosis was no coincidence.

The political commentator made a number of controversial remarks on her personal Twitter account, which has nearly 400,000 followers.

It is strange, she said, that so many Republican politicians have contracted the virus.

Lauren even indicated that China was behind Trump’s positive diagnosis.

“Could Trump’s COVID-19 infection be seen technically as an assassination attempt on our president by the Chinese?” She said.

The commentator also wrote: “Does anyone else find it strange that none of the leading Democrats has contracted the virus but that the Republican list goes on and on?”

In another tweet, she said, “It is strange that the plague of China knows somehow that it only targets members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“ Of the 53 Republican senators, the three who have contracted the virus are all on the committee.

“Quite a coincidence …. or not.”

Only in: Donald Trump “ monitoring complications of Covid ”

“Of course, no sane person wants anyone to have this terrible disease, but you can’t get past the fact that Trump was repeatedly mocking Joe Biden for wearing a mask.”

Another person wrote on Twitter: “When I saw this tweet, I thought it was a joke, but it seemed to be serious …

She also indicated that Trump’s infection with COVID-19 could be considered an “assassination attempt” by the Chinese, describing it as the “plague of China.”

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These are the kinds of people who run for Congress. wow. wow.”

A third furious: “This must be the stupidest thing I’ve seen tweeting so far on @ DeAnna4Congress.

“Who cares about the more than 200,000 dead right, but now that Trump is sick, is it an assassination attempt ?!

“What a stupid tweet and point of view.”

But other people agreed with the political commentator, writing: “Question? Was this an assassination attempt? Trump and his team and the Republicans. Was it intentional?”

One person said, “It is ironic that this outbreak occurs about a month before the elections, is it not?”

“Why didn’t this happen between March and September? Really strange days. “

Another user wrote: “Anyone else thinks it is somewhat a coincidence that only Trump campaign members have tested positive for COVID ??

“I will not say what I am proposing except that we know that the deep state will not stop at anything to steal the elections.”

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