Domenicali tries to reassure concerned fans: ‘We were born in Europe’

Domenicali probeert bezorgde fans gerust te stellen: "In Europa zijn we geboren"

The Formula 1 calendar has recently become a topic of discussion among front row fans. With increasing popularity within continents such as the United States, there is a fear that traditional European races such as Spa-Francorchamps and Monaco will disappear from the calendar. Stefano Domenicali says Europe will continue to play an important role anyway.

In recent years, Formula 1 has gained massive popularity again, and in the US in particular, the first category is rising from the roof. After the Austin Grand Prix had a hard time getting the stands full for years, we drove our second Grand Prix on US soil in Miami this year. The Las Vegas Grand Prix will also be added next year, which means there seems to be more and more room for traditional European racing.

F1 also wants to stay focused on Europe

So fans fear Damocles’ sword is hanging over races such as Spa-Francorchamps and Monaco. “Of course we don’t want the interest in Europe to diminish. We were born here and we will continue to come here. I hear a lot of false stories,” Domenicali said.† “But the beauty of the situation we are in now is that we have a lot of options. We will now have to make the right decisions, keeping in mind our strategy, the fundamental essence of the sport and the way each of its promoters wants us to work together.”

Opportunities in Africa

However, the royal class is looking at possibilities on other continents. “There is a lot of interest in Formula 1 all over the world. One of our main hope for more growth is Africa. We are a world championship, but we are not going to this part of the world. We are working hard to change that, by having a grand prix There soon. There is also an interest in the Far East,” he says finally.

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