Does ‘GI Joe’ Get Another Reboot to Cross the Line with the Transformers?

Does 'GI Joe' Get Another Reboot to Cross the Line with the Transformers?

Snake Eyes has been in US cinemas since Friday. Although the film was not yet available internationally, a potential reboot of the franchise is already being considered.

This seems to have many things to do with it. First of all, the US debut was very disappointing, even in these times of coronavirus. Snake-eyes It brought in $13 million only in its first weekend. In addition, the first reactions were disappointing.

Crossing with transformers
According to Mikey Sutton of Geekosity, the ability to replay a file ji jofilms. An intersection will then be made with transformersFranchise business.

We’ve been hearing stories about such a crossover for years, so it doesn’t seem crazy that something like this could happen. For Hasbro, which owns the franchise, it’s also attractive to make something like this. Then one can combine the two biggest franchises to create a great cinematic world.

Producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura actually sees it as inevitable. Now the main question is how does the Paramount film studio look at this and whether they have come to an agreement.

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