Doctor IC Diederik Gommers isn’t feeling (yet) much of a curfew

Doctor IC Diederik Gommers isn't feeling (yet) much of a curfew

While a large portion of mayors in the Security Council said last night they were not against the curfew, IC Gommers does not support the measure.

“I think we should think carefully about such a drastic measure, which also has a great impact on young people.”

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“I find it difficult,” he explained. “We received the first signs last Friday that a third wave is coming.”

According to Gommers, it appeared at the time that the number of infections was mainly increasing among young people between the ages of 20 and 25. This can be delayed by imposing a curfew. The doctor says: “But today’s figures show that the number of injuries in that group has decreased again.”

Everything is under pressure

Gummers says he first wants to wait for more information from OMT, “to see if it will actually have an impact”.

Gummers stresses that the situation is still under control in the healthcare field. “Things are going well and we thought we could finish, but now we might see a third wave at the end of March or early April. That puts everything under pressure.”

According to an IC doctor, the British variant of the Coronavirus has thrown a wrench into the business in recent weeks. “We were optimistic at the start of January, but now we are already dealing with two epidemics.”

‘Existing measures are sufficient’

However, he believes that this is not a reason to impose a curfew. “We have to make sure that the hospitals are not overflowing.” But according to the IC doctor, this is also possible with the current procedures, without a curfew.

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This morning, the ministers most involved in the Coronavirus approach will meet in the Ministerial Crisis Committee. They will discuss the measure, but the sources have already informed RTL News’ political editors that a curfew will likely be imposed.

Press Conference

A press conference is expected to be held in the early afternoon, probably around 1:00 pm. That time has yet to be confirmed and is subject to change.

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