Doctor DUNJI reveals what the bedside phone does to our body. This is a big mistake everyone makes

Doctor DUNJI reveals what the bedside phone does to our body.  This is a big mistake everyone makes

Awareness of this problem is more pronounced in the West than in our country, says Slobodan Donjic, a generalist and doctor of integrative medicine.

There is abuse of cell phones, which means we use them even when we don’t need them, out of boredom. Which is the most harmful, we often carry it in our hands, sleep with it, and keep it under a pillow. These are constant radiations that disrupt the functioning of the pituitary gland and pineal glands and we do not have a restful sleep, our brain is still working, we seem to sleep and we are tired – Dr. Donjek explained and stressed that children are most at risk because of their presence. Cells grow, disrupting behavior, speed, hyperactivity…

He emphasized that the phone should be at least three meters away from us, because this charger also creates a low-frequency field that affects the work of the glands with internal secretion, and leads us to a hormonal imbalance.


The charger must be kept at least 3 meters from the bed

In addition, the specialist assures that the phone should not be used two hours before bed.

Harvard University announced that the blue light from the screen affects us primarily on the work of the brain, thyroid gland, heart and our immunity. Then our brain “grinds” throughout the night, causing us trouble and jiggling, and in fact chronically tired. Up until 10 years ago, we had emotional stress, now we have electromagnetic pressure – Donjek explained and added that the router should be turned off overnight because it has a range of 250 metres.

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That is why it is necessary to go to nature, he asserts, in order to demagnetize ourselves. He says that the situation of women is worse, because they brought home a hairdryer for the sake of beauty, which is very dangerous.

He says small radiation isn’t dangerous, but radiation that accumulates after five to 10 years does damage.

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