Do not miss out on the money from health insurance | Money

Do not miss out on the money from health insurance |  Money

This is evidenced by research by comparison site Pricewise for 2020, among 2,000 participants.

The dentist’s bill is often forgotten, in particular: at least 55% of Dutch people with a supplemental dental policy forgot to file a claim. By doing this, they still lose an average of 163.82 euros.

It can also be later

Did you also forget to declare an invoice? Don’t worry, in most cases, this is still possible for up to three years after your health care provider’s visit, says Susan Lovek, M.D., health insurance specialist at PriceWise. “In a few cases, the insurance company has included a shorter time in the policy, so it’s a good idea to check that if you want to advertise the care that was a little bit longer ago.”

You can also file the claim if you’ve already switched to another health insurance company, says Löwik.

is not it?

If you receive care from a provider who does not have a contract with your health insurance company, you will often receive the bill yourself, rather than going directly to the insurance company. So many people think that they are not entitled to compensation and do not declare it.

But usually they are still entitled to a refund of 60-70% of the costs, assures the health insurance specialist, and sometimes even 100%. So it is always advised to file your healthcare bills. “Maybe without result, but not shooting is always wrong.”

Care consultation hours

Do you have a question about health insurance, billing, healthcare providers, or policy you should take out before 2022? De Telegraaf organizes on Thursday 9 December a care consultation hour. Experts from Pricewise, the Consumers’ Association, the Dutch Health Care Authority, Policy Guides and many more health insurance companies are ready to answer your questions – for free, of course.

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Send your question to [email protected] before Thursday 9 December and you will receive an answer on 9 December.

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