Djokovic beat Nishikori to the fourth round of the US Open

Djokovic beat Nishikori to the fourth round of the US Open

For Djokovic (34) this was already his 17th straight win over Nishikori, which he lost at the 2014 US Open. Since then, the current world number 56, swayed by injuries, is no longer available to the twenty-time Grand Slam champion. . This summer it was 6-2, 6-0 for the Serb at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, who eventually missed an Olympic medal.

“He really surprised me today with his fast match,” said Djokovic, who lost a set for the second time at this tournament. “After the first set it was 6-3, 6-3, 6-2, but only a few points made the difference. I want to congratulate him for his good play.”

Djokovic, who beat Talon Grunbur in the previous round, increased his level and pace against Nishikori after losing the first set and kept his mission alive. He is just four wins away from a record 21 Grand Slam titles and has won all major slams in the same season. In the next round, he will compete with Russia’s Aslan Karatsev or Jenson Broxby of the United States.

Seven years ago, Nishikori reached the final at the US Open. The Japanese also reached the round of four in New York twice. Because he slipped in the standings, he met Djokovic early in the tournament.

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