Dispute over Brexit, while Dutch media claim the UK is “back where it belongs”, criticize the divorce | United kingdom

Dispute over Brexit, while Dutch media claim the UK is "back where it belongs", criticize the divorce |  United kingdom

Post-Brexit relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom have been tense since the implementation of the trade deal agreed upon in December of last year. The Northern Ireland protocol remained a source of contention between Brussels and London, as a feud over vaccines earlier this year heightened tensions and the hunt remains a wedge between the UK and France. In April, the European Parliament approved the trade deal while warning that Brexit was a “historic mistake”.

The deal removed the latest political obstacle, with 660 votes in favor, 5 against, and 32 abstentions.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the news, saying: “This week marks the last step in a long journey and provides stability to our new relationship with the European Union as vital trade partners, close allies and sovereign enemies.

“Now is the time to look to the future and build a more global Britain.”

But in February, European media criticized the UK’s ambitions.

De Volkskrant columnist Bert Wagendorp celebrated the departure and said the UK is “back where it belongs”.

I would really like the British to leave the European Union.

The “historical error” of 1973 was finally corrected. Why did it take so long? It was immediately known that it was a mistake to call the perfidious “Albion”.

“For 47 years, the British have done their best to sabotage, slow down and dilute Europe and turn Europe into a marketplace for Marmite and Pringles, replacing their lost colonial empire.”

He also hinted that Brexit was an act of self-harm and claimed Britain had shot her in the foot.

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However, the mood in Austria was even bleaker when a newspaper editor warned that the European Union was losing one of its “cornerstones” in the United Kingdom.

“The European Union is losing one of its most important members, one of its strongest countries and the second largest economy, about an eighth of its population… one of the model countries for the successful integration of millions.” “The Union is losing one of its basic pillars,” says Rainer Nowak of Die Presse.

Addressing those who welcomed Britain’s return, Nowak insisted that “good organizations not only allow internal criticism and discussions but also reinforce them.”

“Leaders who fear contradictions are anxious and often mentally exhausted,” he added.

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