Disney + Star Announces An Offer: These Movies & Series …

Disney + Star Announces An Offer: These Movies & Series ...

All chapters will be featured on Star. © ISOPIX

On February 23, Disney + will add a new section. The star will feature series and movies that are not suitable or even inappropriate for young children. brief overview.

Desmytere Road

In Disney +, all the family can enjoy classic songs like Pinocchio at The Little Mermaid, But also a new series of star Wars- Or Marvelstal. I’m thinking of The Mandalorian Or newer WandaVision.

With Star, the company will launch a new portion of its successful streaming service on February 23. One that focuses exclusively on adults. On Star, Disney could lose all movies made under the Touchstone Pictures tag. Think Disaster Disaster , Historical drama Thirteenth Warrior From Good morning Vietnam He met Robin Williams.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also secured a spot in Star.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also secured a spot in Star. © Commando

However, the streaming service could also rely on the catalog of 20th Century Studios, formerly known as 20th Century Fox. Disney bought the company in 2019. From its stable will include Foreign, brave heart, die hard, Independence Day at Droplet By Michael R. Roscam and several films by Wes Anderson (Isle of DogsAnd the Tenenbaums property) It can be seen. There are also classics from the old days: the energetic car Commando With Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example. Or the famous crime movie The French Connection With Gene Hackman or movie scene Cleopatra With Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.


As far as the series is concerned, there is room to work with all seasons 24, Including the two crosses.

Everything also appears on Star.

Everything also appears on Star.

Moreover, there is bonesAnd the JailbreakAnd the Castle,Lost, Walking dead And the first nine seasons of Anonymous files. Those looking for a little entertainment may find something to their liking Ugly BettyAnd the FunAnd the How do I meet your mother?And the Family boy, Scrubs From Desperate Housewives. 16 season of hospital chain Gray’s Anatomy Also available.

Finally, Star also introduces a number of original series. HellstromFor example, though, the Marvel series failed ruthlessly in the United States. Animation sequence Solar opposites, From the makers Rick and Morty, And teenage drama Love, Victor Received good reviews.

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