Disney + comes with an all-new feature

Disney + comes with an all-new feature

Disney + already offers GroupWatch in the US. Now the Netherlands.

Starting today, US Disney + subscribers can use GroupWatch. We’ve known for a while that this function is under testing, but unfortunately, it doesn’t make this release soon here in the Netherlands.

After a series of trials in New Zealand and Canada, among others, Disney is now ready to roll out the feature in the US. There, people can use the new post from today. Here in the Netherlands we have to wait a while for the release, but it will happen in the fall.

How does GroupWatch work
“If you can share your favorite moments with others in this way, but at the same time they don’t have to be together,” That makes movies and series come to life, according to Disney + Product Director Jerrell B Jimerson. It also helps to watch together safely in these aura times.

GroupWatch brings up to seven people together and lets you share feelings with each other through the Disney + app. You can choose to send a surprised emoji, but you can also send a grumpy emoji or a smiley. This way you can enjoy the latest series together!

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