‘Disgusting, mean,’ sports icons Hamilton, James and Biles react to US abortion decision | sports

'Disgusting, mean,' sports icons Hamilton, James and Biles react to US abortion decision |  sports

The US Supreme Court’s decision to repeal a woman’s constitutional right to abortion has dismayed quite a few athletes. Lewis Hamilton, Simone Biles, LeBron James and Megan Rapinoe have already made their voices heard.

The Supreme Court decision now allows each state to legislate separately on abortion. Some conservative states passed abortion bans shortly after the Supreme Court decision.

Formula 1 driver Hamilton said via Instagram: “I am disgusted by the Supreme Court’s decision. I do not understand that there are people in power who are constantly pushing to deprive millions of their rights. This decision affects the most vulnerable among us.”

“It’s hard to describe in words how sad this day is,” says soccer star Rapinoe. For me personally, for my teammates and for all the people this affects. This will only increase the inequality between them. “We know this won’t stop people from having abortions, but it will stop people from having safe abortions. I can’t believe how sad it is and I mean it.”

Photo of a protest march in Nashville, Tennessee. © AFP

Former gymnast Bills makes herself heard mainly via Twitter. “I better turn off my phone before I say what I really think,” she says, while retweeting a slew of messages from people angry at the decision.

Basketball player LeBron James has shared a message from former US President Barack Obama, in which he condemned the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion. ,,destructive” calls. “It’s all about power and control,” said the Los Angeles Lakers star.

Cyclists kneeling

American cyclists protested the legislation ahead of the road race in the National Championships. During the US national anthem, most riders decided to kneel next to their bikes. They have already announced their protest activity via social media. A few knights stopped and held hands while the national anthem was played.

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The American Cycling Championships will be held in Knoxville, Tennessee, where the right to abortion is also expected to disappear. Hundreds of Knoxville residents protested the controversial Supreme Court decision.

After cyclists initially protested kneeling, Kendall Ryan extended her American title. She was accompanied on stage by two of her teammates. Corinne Labecke of the Dutch Jumbo-Visma team finished fourth in Knoxville.

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