Discover the most beautiful and beautiful in Switzerland

Discover the most beautiful and beautiful in Switzerland

In fact, sustainable travel in Switzerland is self-evident. Somewhat coincidentally, there are countless green travel options, and as a traveler you take advantage of that.

Decades ago, when nobody was concerned about carbon footprints and climate change, every effort was made in Switzerland to open up even the most remote and highest villages. This makes the Swiss public transport network one of the largest and most efficient public transport networks in the world. Moreover, travel by train, bus or tram is safe, simple, reliable and very sustainable.

On the railway network of about three thousand kilometers from SBB, nine thousand trains run daily. In other words, every kilometer of Swiss railways serves more than 93 trains daily, making it the most dense public transport network in the world. In addition, the total rail network of five thousand kilometers of all national and regional railway companies is almost completely electric and therefore environmentally friendly.

Where the train can’t reach, the mailbox offers a solution – taking you to the farthest corners of the country. Swiss postal train and bus schedules are also coordinated perfectly. Only in densely populated areas in the mountains there is no public transportation. Adventurers (hikers and mountaineers) who prefer getting there can use the Alpine Bus, which runs from May to October.

Tip: Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

from Great train tour of Switzerland It gives you the opportunity to travel on panoramic trains (including the famous Glacier Express and Bernina Express) to all the sights and attractions in Switzerland, all year round. A dreaming journey of 1,280 kilometers through the most beautiful and scenic spots, along the eleven great lakes, the Rhine Falls, majestic bridges, charming towns, famous mountains such as Jungfrau and Matterhorn and five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Hop on and off, stay longer, wherever you want, and for the whole tour, you only need one ticket: the Swiss Travel Pass. Find the most beautiful routes and inspirations for your travel schedule.

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This is how you get there

From the Benelux, Switzerland can be reached easily by train via Germany or France: you can travel from Amsterdam in six hours and 39 minutes in a comfortable and direct way with the IC to Basel, where you can switch to the Swiss network.

With the Swiss Passport, Swiss Travel Pass Flex, and Swiss Half Fare Card, you have access to them Swiss travel systemAnd The area of ​​the public transport network in Switzerland is about 29,000 km, you can use all public transport. Children up to 16 years old can ride for free thanks to the Swiss Family Pass.

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