Discover a 12th century bathhouse in Seville

Discover a 12th century bathhouse in Seville

20 February 2021 – 4:00 PM – The World


The owners of the Giralda Cafe in Seville, Spain have used the coronavirus lockdown to carry out renovation work. Then they discovered a special, a 12th century Islamic bathhouse, with unique decoration inside.

The Moroccan bathroom is completely painted. The quality of the decors is high. Archaeologist Alvaro Jimenez in El País says: It is the only Moroccan bathhouse with such decorations.

The bar can be found on Calle Mateos Gago in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, and in recent months it has become a veritable museum of Arab heritage. The building was renovated and converted into a hotel at the beginning of the twentieth century. Then the bathroom will be hidden.

This discovery is important because it provides a detailed view of the Moorish baths of the Almohad era. The archaeologist says: “What is now the entrance to the bar, was the bathroom. In addition, you have a cold room 4.10 meters high and 13 meters long and another room that is now used as a kitchen.”

In addition, 88 burners of various shapes and sizes were discovered. “It was part of the decor and surrounded by geometric red lace panels that follow a pattern,” said Fernando Amores.

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