Discos and nightclubs open again in Belgium from October 1 | interior

Discos and nightclubs open again in Belgium from October 1 |  interior

For many activities, the restrictions will be removed. For example, from September 1, you can dance again at a wedding, and working from home is no longer the advice and there are no longer any rules for receiving guests at home. In cafes and restaurants, all procedures are canceled, only when visitors move, they still have to wear a mouth covering.

Mouth caps stay

Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo stated that the measures could be abandoned due to the high rate of vaccination. In Belgium, you are still required to wear mouth caps in public places where it is crowded and the 1.5m distance rule continues to exist.

Belgium tops the world list in terms of vaccination coverage. However, De Croo announces a proposal for a vaccination obligation for employees of health care institutions. Plus, hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Belgians will get a third shot next fall.


Things are not going well everywhere. In Brussels, far fewer are being protected from the coronavirus. Due to the high number of infections, the capital will not be relaxed and stricter measures will be taken.

Measures can also be taken in municipalities where less than 70 percent have received an injection. De Croo: “When we have poor vaccination coverage, there are holes in our defense. We go door to door if necessary.”

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