Dijs increasingly belongs to the ‘big boys’: ‘This is where I want to go’


Swest / Utric County Skater Wesly Dijs came fourth in the 1500m World Cup Qualifiers. De Soester is thus not short of qualification for the World Cup, but he may prepare for the World Cup competitions.

I’ve been so tense before which is why the discharge was massive ‘

Wesley Diggs

Live combat with Nuis

Patrick Roest and Thomas Kroll have secured their participation in the World Cup early in the afternoon, scheduled for February in Salt Lake City, USA. In the final stage was the role of Dijs, who had to compete in a head-to-head fight against fellow Kjeld Nuis. Nuis showed himself a time of 1.44.68 a little faster than the Dijs, and Soester was a few hundred hundreds slower, so he had to settle for fourth.

“We both want to ski fast and push each other to a higher level,” Dej replied in a conversation with RTV Utrecht after the horrific fight with Nuis. “Of course I wish him a good race, but I also tried to compete with Kilde.” It definitely worked out at the final stage, when both skaters had to cross each other for the last time. “Then I pulled out all the stops and luckily everything went well. In the end, we both benefited from that.”

Wesley DJs after finishing fourth in the 1500 meters in a conversation with Burt Koss

mission accomplished

So the third and final ticket to the Men’s World Cup went to Neuss. Dijs should miss the World Cup, but because he’s finished in the top five, he can prepare for the World Cup matches. In advance, Dijs told RTV Utrecht that he would not be dissatisfied with this, so Soester’s mission at 1,500 meters was a success.

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After that he was glad it worked. “But when you’re so close, of course, it’s still stressful,” said Dig, who had been so tense before. “The discharge was enormous today.” At NK a few weeks ago, Dijsook was already doing well, but then he lost some great competitors. On Sunday he showed he could really compete with the big boys. “At the start of the season, I set myself a goal to finish in the top five and get close to that.”

Scheperkamp is faster than Kramer

20-year-old Mirren Schipperkamp, ​​a member of ski club Zeist, finished 16th in the 1500 meters. He did not come close to qualifying for the World Cup, but the youngster left Sven Kramer ahead of him. The overall routine ended disappointingly at 17th. Sheberkamp skied the PR 500 meters on Saturday.

Young Mirren Schipperkamp looked back with RTV Utrecht on the second day of World Cup Qualifiers

Botsma is testing himself on the long track

Skier Salma Butsma put herself to a test in the 500-meter distance. Utrecht – originally a short track speed skater – didn’t finish in the top five, but was content with that. “I and a number of my teammates are also enjoying the experiment on the long track,” said Botsma, who has achieved a significant improvement in her public relations: from 38.66 to 38.17 seconds.

Salma Botsma explained why she participated in long-track speed skating as a short track speed skater

“My focus remains on the short track, but I would like to know how far I can go at 500 meters, if I keep getting better,” Botsma said in a conversation with RTV Utrecht. Tickets for the World Cup went 500 meters to Fimk Kok, Jota Leardam and Susan Schulting. Schultung, like Poutsma, has its origins in the short path.
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