Dick Lukin is now also losing his oath after his left hand. A transfer to FC Groningen is considered a “big compliment” to Michael De Liu, according to FC Emin coach.

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With pain in his heart, Dick Lukin says goodbye to his captain, Michael De Liu, after this season. FC Emin was described as a huge compliment to the 34-year-old forward whom Groningen wanted to bring back.

Having lost his left hand with Anco Jansen’s departure for NAC Breda in early February, Dick Lukkien had to lay off his oath after that season. FC Emmen coach has managed to read and write in recent years with Michael de Leeuw, his extension on the field, after the striker said goodbye to his US adventure in the Chicago Fire to secure a job contract at Drenthe in the 2018/2019 season. The two have already known each other since their time. At SC Veendam and FC Groningen.

“Michael is someone you really want to be with,” says Lukkien. “In all the periods we have worked together, he has always shown what he can do. Again this year, he is the driver of the team, during matches, training and beyond. He will continue to do so until his contract expires here. I am convinced that. Then he will do it for Groningen. I hope.” He has this move, although of course I would have preferred to keep him in FC Emin. ”

“De Leeuw Is Not Satisfied With His Role In The Dressing Room”

Lukkien thinks it is a big compliment to De Leeuw that FC Groningen wanted to bring North Brabant back into the green cathedral. “It’s somewhat surprising that a club like FC Groningen has shown interest in a striker who is now 34 years old, but at the same time that’s a great compliment to Leo and says something about how fit and good he is. Knowing him, he wouldn’t accept a role in the dressing room.”

“I remember how he got to Windham when he was 21 or 22 years old,” recalls Lukin, who admits that a close relationship had developed between him and De Liu over the years. “If you’ve known someone for a long time, a bond like this sometimes develops. We value each other’s personality. Michael is the one who thinks with you, says what he is and is ready for you. I’ll miss that.”

Michael de Liu became the man of the region

Although De Leeuw is North Brabant, he can now truly call himself up in the North with his work contracts for SC Veendam, FC Groningen and FC Emmen. “He’s become the man of the area,” said Lukin. De Veendammer coach believes that if the body allows it, De Leeuw can keep playing football for a while. The striker himself is considering continuing at least until his 36th birthday. Lucin: “I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened sooner.”

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