Desperate Haitians steal food and tents from aid convoy

Desperate Haitians steal food and tents from aid convoy

An Associated Press photographer saw residents of the coastal town of Les Cayes attack an aid convoy at a Red Cross outpost. Among other things, they took sleeping pads that have not yet been distributed. Tents were also stolen in the city.

Relief supplies were also stolen in the nearby Vye Terre region. Haitians overran a truck belonging to the relief organization Food For The Poor.

Drivers are safe

Inside the truck was water, rice, beans and cans of hot dogs. “Our drivers have remained safe and the trucks have not been damaged,” says Food For The Poor. “We are now looking at how we can continue our work.”

A week after the earthquake, many Haitians are still waiting for help. Help is slow to start.

closed to civilization

Roads in the area became impassable and villages were cut off from civilization. Emergency services were further hampered by bad weather last week.

People have been gathering at relief supply sites for days, according to the Associated Press, but this would be the first time such goods have been stolen on a large scale.

2100 dead

More than 2,100 people were killed in the earthquake. Hundreds of people are still missing. Hospitals on the island are also under healthcare stress:

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