Denmark: Banning new love affairs for life imprisonment

Denmark: Banning new love affairs for life imprisonment

Inmates who have been sentenced to life imprisonment will soon no longer be allowed to maintain contact only with people they already knew during the first 10 years of their detention. For example, they will not be able to start a love affair with girls or women they are attracted to from prison.


The 17-year-old, described in the Danish media as “collective,” has been in touch with Madsen for two years and speaks to him regularly on the phone. I was jealous when he married a 39-year-old Russian woman from prison last year.

Denmark’s Justice Minister Nick Hykrupp has said, according to the BBC, that this type of relationship must end. Convicted criminals should not be able to use our prisons as dating centers or as a stage to flaunt their crimes.

The bill also includes restrictions on the appearance of prisoners sentenced to long prison terms in the media. For example, they are no longer allowed to discuss their actions on social media or in podcasts. Madsen was convicted of killing Kim Wall, but only made a confession in a documentary that aired last year.

Contrary to human rights?

In addition, early release may only be discussed after prisoners have served ten years of their sentence. Now the limit is still two or four years, depending on the crime.

The Danish Parliament has a majority in support of the bill. The law could go into effect early next year. Various interest groups are investigating whether the law does not contradict the European Convention on Human Rights, which also includes the right to protect private and family life.

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