Den Bosch takes a point on ‘t Kopje, Kampung beats HGC

Den Bosch takes a point on 't Kopje, Kampung beats HGC

On the last day of play before the winter break at Tulip Hovedeklaise Maine, Den Bosch tied 3-3 against national champion Bloemendaal. Captain Kampong was too strong 2-1 on ailing HGC on home soil. Amsterdam and little Switzerland did not advance further than 1-1 and last-placed Orange-Rudd defeated Fordian 6-1.

Bloemendaal – Den Bosch 3-3

National Champion Blumendale knew that a duel against Den Bosch would be difficult. In the first match, Oosterplas tied with difficulty 2-2. Also this time, in ‘t Kopje, the match ended in a draw. It was 3-3 in a great match. A brutally battered Den Bosch led 2-0 in the first quarter. After the break, Bloemendaal seemed to put things in order after a great job by Jorrit Croon. Den Bosch didn’t give up and tied through rookie Jubie Walpert. Bloemendaal kept looking for 4-3, but Den Bosch also withstood the pressure when the team was in line even with nine players.

14. Fabian Unterkircher 0-1
15. Timo Boyers 0-2 (SB)
19. Jasper Brinkmann 1-2 (sc)
34- Thierry Brinkman 2-2 (St.)
36. Jorit Kron 3-2
43 – Joby Wolpert 3-3

Joy at Bloemendaal after Bloemendaal’s superb goal. Photo: Queen Suiko

Kampung – HGC 2-1

At Klapperboom, HGC already suffered their seventh defeat in 12 competition matches. And the stumbling continues for the team of coach Bram Lomans, who was forced to dispense with Seif van As, and HGC remains in tenth place, three points behind the safe ninth. League leader Kampong recorded his eleventh victory of the season and undefeated in thirteen consecutive games (W12 G1) at Tulip Hovedeklaise. With his opening goal, Jip Janssen has reached a personal milestone. The penalty corner specialist scored his 100th official goal for Utrecht. Jansen scored his first goal exactly six years ago: on November 13, 2016, he scored a goal in the Eredivisie major against HGC.

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15. Jeb Jansen 1-0 (St.)
21. Willem van Campen 1-1
48. Terrence Peters 2-1

Terrance Pieters shouts after Kampong’s winning goal against HGC. Photo: William Vernes

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Orange and red – before 6-1

After a run of three league games in which there was only one draw, Orange-Road finally racked up another victory. Hekkensluiter Voordaan defeated 6-1 in Eindhoven. Both Lorenz Halfman and Gili Galema scored two goals. Galema thus raised his goal total to 99 official career goals. Hekkensluiter Voordaan is now playing fifteen straight games without a win (G1 V14) in the Eredivisie.

6. Lawrence Halfman 1-0
23. Jess van Merenbauer 2-0.
37. Gil Galema 3-0 (St.)
43 – Beam Herring 4-0.
46 – Gil Galema 5-0
49. Lawrence Halfman 6-0
59- Evo Visser 6-1

Amsterdam – Little Switzerland 1-1

After three consecutive defeats, Amsterdam scored another point. Little Switzerland was held in a 1-1 draw at the Wagner Arena. Both teams do not correspond to the division of points. The Amsterdam team enters the winter break in eighth place with thirteen out of twelve. Little Switzerland is sixth with eighteen out of twelve. The gap for the number four is five points.

11. Marco Meltkau 0-1
21- Flores Midendorp 1-1 (SC)

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