Den Bosch keeps Badal in control, wins Amsterdam

Den Bosch keeps Badal in control, wins Amsterdam

On the first day of playing for the men’s Tulip Hovedeklassie, Den Bosch kept national and European champion Blumendal 2-2. And in The Hague, Amsterdam took all the loot on Saturday with a 4-2 victory over Klein Zwizerland.

Den Bosch – Blumendale 2-2

Defending champion Bloemendaal began the new season with a 2-2 draw at Oosterplas against Den Bosch. The match did not start until the fourth quarter. At the time, Blumendal led 1-0 after Tim Swain converted a penalty just before the end of the first quarter. The last 15 minutes had just begun when Jaïr van der Horst had a chance to equalise. Den Bosch player faced Moritz Visser. A little later, Blomendale’s goalkeeper had absolutely no chance of shooting the cannonball off Jeremy Hayward. Shortly thereafter, van der Horst gave Den Bosch the lead from a rebound from the penalty spot. Unfortunately for Dean Bosch, head coach Mark Lammers didn’t get the full loot upon his return as head coach, because just before time Swain put the final score 2-2 on the board with a penalty kick.

15- Tim Swain 0-1 (SABB)
51 Jeremy Hayward 1-1
51 – Jair van der Horst 2-1 (sc)
57 Tim Swain 2-2 (St.)

Trent Mitton is congratulated by his teammates in Amsterdam after his goal against small Switzerland. Photo: Bart Schuldermann

Little Switzerland – Amsterdam 2-4

Amsterdam’s side overcame a deficit twice and coach Alexander Cox’s team eventually won the match. One minute after Rubinder Pal Singh’s 2-2 possession, Luc Domschuzen gave Amsterdam the lead with a superb shot over the goalkeeper. Two minutes before the end, return Boris Burckhardt set the final score with a score of 2-4.

5- Aki Kapiler 1-0 (net)
17 Trent dead 1-1
27- Marco Meltkau 2-1
33- Rubinder Pal Singh 2-2 (St.)
34 Luc Dommershuisen 2-3
58. Boris Burckhardt 2-4

Read below the highlights of the first day of the Eredivisie big game

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