Demi Fuller teaches teammates how to ride a motorcycle during team building in the US: ‘Some got angry’

Demi Fuller teaches teammates how to ride a motorcycle during team building in the US: 'Some got angry'

Working in a good, close-knit group, team building, is in the program for most cycling teams in the winter months. This also applies to the Dutch team SD Worx. When most teams go paintball or karting or play a game of soccer, team manager Danny Stam chose a very special way to build the team, all the way in the United States.

The women from SD Worx Motorcycles went across California. “We started in Morgan Hill, in the specialized office, and went all the way up the coast in Sunset Beach,” says Demi Fullering. VeloNews. Our last campsite was near the SRAM office. Nice way to visit our sponsors.

The teammates are angry with Fuller

While bikepacking is absolutely nothing new to Vollering, especially as her Instagram page proves, it has been to a number of her (future) teammates. For some it was their first time camping. They weren’t looking forward to it, because they knew it wasn’t glamorous It will be,” SD Worx leader explains. “I tried to make it more comfortable by saying we end up with very nice camps.”

But nothing could be further from the truth, Fullering continues: “Campsites in America look a little different. The first time we got to the toilet some people got a little angry. Nevertheless, the trip produced beautiful images, as witnessed by the video Vollering posted it on her social media.

The text continues below the video.

SD Worx is stronger in 2023

In the new season, the SD Worx ladies will be more favored in the races than in previous years. The team, which recently broke the news after a robbery where several bikes were stolen, managed to keep a good chunk of the team. Plus, some boosters have been added, of which sprinter Lorena Wiebes’s biggest name is. Misha Bredewald, Fimke Markus (both from the Dutch Parkhotel Valkenburg) and Barbara Guarache are also new members of the team.

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