DeFi project accidentally self-destructs

Solana Projekt ausgeschaltet
  • When performing an update, the developers of the Solana OptiFi trading platform mistakenly enabled self-destruction. The record is offline now.
  • As a result, the total locked value (TVL) of the platform, which is $661,000, is permanently locked.
  • These are stable USDC coins from user accounts or open trades. However, the OptiFi team has already announced a full Refund to start.
  • The error was due to a misunderstanding of the Solana software code.
  • According to a report from the developers, one of the team members accidentally started the “Shutdown Solana Program” command. This works like Solana’s “lock switch”, which is similar to programmed self-destruction of the protocol’s mainnet.
  • Previously, the developers tried to stop the update due to heavy traffic in Solana. Here a second copy of OptiFi was created, which one wanted to delete again using the “solana program close” command.
  • The developers themselves stated that they “were not entirely clear about what exactly this means for the protocol”.
  • Additionally, OptiFi recommended that those responsible for the Solana blockchain “add a warning for using the software command in the documentation.”
  • It seems that many developers at Solana are unaware of the consequences of this. OptiFi had to experience first-hand how expensive this is.

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