De Jong and Wilken finished a heavy cross at the World Juvenile Championships

De Jong and Wilken finished a heavy cross at the World Juvenile Championships

Cross country for the world championship is supposed to be tough, and he was definitely at the FEI World Eventing Championship in Pratoni del Vivaro. Sixteen sets didn’t make it to the end, but Dutch participants San de Jong and Jordi Wilken completed the cross well, both with one rejection on the scoreboard.

Only 11 of the 88 combinations that appeared at the start of the cross were visible during the allotted time. Sanne de Jong looked straightforward with her gray mare Enjoy, but things went wrong within sight of the port. With a combination of two slashed hedges, enjoy skipping over the hurdle and still getting rejected on the scoreboard.

Jordy Wilken and Burry Spirit were also on their way to Hurdle 21, when they also had to take the rejection. The group managed to finish the cross well. Michael Jung is still in the lead in the individual rankings, and Germany leads the country rankings, ahead of the United States and Great Britain.

A step in the right direction

National team coach Andrew Heffernan was satisfied: “I’m satisfied, although I would have liked to see two clear runs of course. Sanne drove a big lap, but got an unfortunate mistake at the end of the cross. It wasn’t worth it, but that’s the sport. Lots of riders. The good guys, like Andrew Hoy for example, had problems today. So I’m proud of Sunny and Jordi, it’s another step in the right direction.”

Source: KNHS

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