De Innovative Netherlands Tour at Expo 2020 Dubai

De Innovative Netherlands Tour at Expo 2020 Dubai

An artist’s impression of the Dutch pavilion.

Sajjad Ahmed, Deputy Business Editor

As Expo 2020 Dubai approaches, participating countries and exhibitors reveal their plans and activities. The impressive six-month period, which begins on October 1, 2021, is expected to see a large number of business deals. The event will attract millions of visitors to the United Arab Emirates.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has launched the “Consolidated Food and Water Innovation Tour” which aims to identify and scale some of the most innovative innovative solutions in the fields of water, energy and food.

The tour will cover the world’s fastest growing innovation ecosystem and culminate in the final match to be held at Expo 2020 Dubai in January 2022, according to the Dutch embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The tour was launched with the Unknown Group and will travel across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific and the Netherlands. The top 15 startups participating in these virtual tours will be invited to present their solutions to the world’s major investors, companies and governments during the finals to be held at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Lodi Embrechts, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UAE, said: “Our governance partners in the Gulf region intend to realize their ambitions to diversify the energy mix, achieve self-sufficiency in terms of food supply and secure its availability. Fresh water for agriculture and consumption. This water, energy and food are closely linked as a link. The inextricable links between these critical areas, sustainable water and agriculture and efficient energy production are critical for responsible climate action.”

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The world will need more and more raw materials in the coming decades. Population growth, resource-intensive lifestyles and the adverse effects of climate change will lead to food, energy and water insecurity around the world. To feed the nearly 10 billion people who will inhabit our world by 2050, the world needs to think about how to use scarce resources like water, energy and food as efficiently as possible.

The tour is performed by an unknown group, Get in the Ring. Over the past decade, Get in the Ring has grown into the largest global competition for startups in over 100 countries. Last year, more than 25,000 startups from 109 countries signed up for Get in the Ring events.

Events kick off in the UAE on September 29 and many others in Asia Pacific (October 14), the Middle East and North Africa (November 16), the Netherlands (December 1) and Jordan (December 15). Each introductory round takes place in a virtual environment where startups tackling water, energy and food challenges participate in five one-on-one meetings with a select group of leading companies, governments and impact investors.

The most impressive solutions will be invited to participate in the Energy and Food Innovation Finals at Expo 2020 Dubai in January 2022. The finalists will close deals and showcase their innovations to determine the ultimate winner in uniting water, energy and food.

MAPEI Unveils Sustainable Solutions: MAPEI Construction Chemicals, the wholly owned subsidiary of the MAPEI Group, will showcase its sustainable construction solutions at Expo 2020, supplying environmentally sustainable products to more than 55 pavilions, 16 districts and 60 districts at the highly anticipated international event.

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From its factory in Dubai, UAE, the Italian building materials company has produced more than 200 environmentally friendly building products from 20 production lines, including ceramic and marble tile adhesives, resilient flooring, sealants, waterproofing, concrete repair, and epoxy resin. Floor coating and cement mortar – More than 8000 tons of materials have been delivered to Expo 2020.

The MAPEI plant is strategically located just five minutes from the Expo 2020 site, allowing the group to integrate a circular approach to the delivery of the mega project while reducing carbon emissions through short transport times and distances.

This also enabled Mape to increase fuel efficiency and support the sustainable construction of Expo 2020.

Adhesives, sealants, waterproofing and concrete repair are some of the most overlooked materials in terms of durability and play a vital role in any building or interior design project. Our products offer the highest level of quality and sustainability, along with sustainable best practice solutions, which create a safe environment for our employees to work and have a sound environmental impact on society. Collection.

With sustainability being the main theme of Expo 2020, this fits in with MAPEI’s green vision of using modern technologies that create energy-efficient and waste-reducing solutions, along with continuous innovation.

Mapei’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai represents a new step in the journey of cooperation with the World Expo. At the group level, MAPEI has accumulated a wealth of experience; With its innovative product range in previous world fairs, including Shanghai 2010 and Milan Expo 2015.

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