De Haan fled Suriname with his wife and children

De Haan fled Suriname with his wife and children

Paul de Haan, director of Air Suriname, fled Suriname with his wife and two children on Tuesday. Despite the travel ban, De Haan departed on an Air France flight to Paris via French Guiana.

Waterkant learned that the manager had already sent his driver to the main office on Monday to collect his personal belongings.

According to reliable sources, since last week the authorities have obtained information that de Haan, Prinobi Bessor and Chief Commissioner Xaviera Gisoron were planning to leave the country. All three have a Dutch passport.

The authorities allegedly hesitated to take action, and as a result, Gisooron and de Haan are no longer in Suriname.

Bessor attempted to fly to Miami on Monday evening but was stopped at Johann Adolf Pengel Airport. Police spokesman Milton Bisshop recorded that Bissor had been questioned in detail through an official report. However, he does not have suspect status.

The Dutch passport of the person concerned was made available to the Attorney General in connection with the investigation. Bissur is not allowed to leave the country and must remain at the disposal of the investigation.

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